Monday, August 4, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2, Day 1

I was Very fortunate to win a spot in the Stretch Your Stamps 2 Online Card Class.
This is what I came up with for the first day using REVERSE background stamps.
Thanks for looking!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors! And the way you have added the extra squares is just brilliant!

  2. I love your "spin" on things and I love your colors and how you seemingly used every little piece of the BG! WTG it turned out awesome!

  3. This card is AWESOME, just had to pin it in my card examples board. Love the colors and your design. Thank you for posting it.

  4. So soft and pretty! Just my stile

  5. I scrolled down to the beginning of your homework and I can't tell you how impressed I am by the beautiful cards you've made so far, LauraJane!! Thank you for sharing all this inspiration!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Beautifully done, Laura Jane, so interesting when you added the top-most tiles!


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