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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Craftroom space & Working with natural Lighting :)


Hello Crafty friends! 

With the HOT days of summer, I've been organizing my craft space and re-working the lighting for my photos and videos.. Increasing my craft table space is the goal. The grandchildren are getting older and like to craft with me, so more space is a necessity!

Previously, my light set up was 4 x 1100 Lumens bulbs clamped to a "PVC bridge". See the apparatus below.

I've purchased a new camera (Sony ZV-1F) and installed it to an arm extension attached to the wall so it doesn't shake when crafting.

I'm LOVING the use of natural light during the day for filming and still shot captures :))

Here is what the NEW SET-up loos like:

MORE table space achieved!!!

Still working with the light in the evening.

Here are new photos with cards previously shared.


 Build-A-Garden: Sweet Lilies


Dynamic Duo: Always Smile


What do you think? 

Is the sunlight an improvement? 

What lighting do YOU use for your photos and videos?

I'd appreciate it if you would let me know with a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Hope you have a blessed day!

LauraJane :)