Saturday, June 14, 2014

Scrapling Tag: Virginia's View Challenge # 4

WOW! I did not think this challenge would be so difficult!
YES, I keep every tiny bit of paper and scrap "just in case I can use it later" as so many others seem to do. There are drawers and boxes and tins all over my craft room filled with the dear little things. Shortage of Scraplings is not a problem. However, putting something together using the scraplings that looked half way decent proved to be a REAL doosie of a  challenge. THANKS Virginia!

Here is what I decided to use.

  • cardstock with embossing paste textured with a comb
  • watercolor paper with pink washed background
  • cardstock with various repeat  HELLO stamped sentiment
  • Color saturated babywipes stitched in teardrop shapes
And here is my Scrapling.

Thanks for looking! 



  1. Even though you "claimed" that this to be a challenge, all I see is that this is one FABULOUS design! I love the textures that the stenciled textures gives. I know if you keep at it, you will come up with more amazing stuff from your old stuff.....:) So glad that you join the fun over Virginia's View Challenge!

  2. That flower is fantastic!!!! I can't believe you made that from the saturated baby wipes! Just brilliant, I love the stitching!

  3. I think you did a pretty fantastic job of using those scraplings! It's a beautiful tag :)

  4. great the watercolour look and the messy sewing on the flower...

  5. So very pretty! Love to see all the scraps come together!


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