Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Enjoy the day

We have my daughter's wedding coming up in three days. Yikes!
This is a message to her as well as to myself. 

Praying the rain will stop:)
In my excitement I have used the wrong sense/tense of the word YOUR..
I shall fix it directly:)

Ah... the beauty of using vellum
I simply ripped the misused "YOU'RE day" off and replaced it with "today":)
Now that is better!

Still praying the rain will stop:)

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  1. You spelled You're wrong, it stands for You are. Don't forget to enjoy you are day. It should be don't forget to enjoy your day.

  2. Oh, dear reader you are right! In my excitement I muddled the words. Thank you for pionting the error out to me:) I shall fix it directly!

  3. Soooo pretty! And after your 'fix', you can't even tell you ever made a mistake! ;)
    Thanks for joining us at the Waffle Flower Challenge!
    And Congrats to your daughter on her wedding day...have fun and yes, enjoy! :)

  4. Such a soft pretty card! I love how you fixed it too, and I hope the rain stops and you have a good time, and things are just not too stressful. Weddings are hard and wonderful all that the same time!

  5. Oh the struggles of being grammatically correct lol. It's beautiful either way! I hope the wedding goes off without a hitch my dear <3


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