Monday, December 28, 2015

Wrapping up 2015 with NEW to ME talent.

Hello All! I Hope your Christmas was Blessed and filled with JOY and Happy memories!
Now that the year has only a few more days left, I DO enjoy seeing everyone's MOST FAVORITE cards and projects from 2015.
So I wanted to share a few Card makers that I found this year to be SIMPLY SPLENDID INSPIRATION Stations:)
There are so many to choose from in blogland, but there are three ladies that were NEW to me and I wanted to share them here today.

First up is: MAYLINE
I found her early in January 2015 and watched her unique watercolor style grow over the year. Understandably, The TON grabbed her up for DT!

Next, I found EUNJI JUNG in mid Summer. 
I am amazed at the creativity she uses with stamps and her own hand drawings! 
Once again, Eunji's talent was noticed by The TON for DT.

And in early FALL I happened across ERUM on InstaGram, She is a papercrafter with outside the box creative skills that have me studying her work that is full of SCRUMPTIOUS layers! 

Take time to check out these ladies' blogs and IG to be further inspired!
Much of my recent work has been heavily influenced by their talent:)

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wonderful ladies - they are extremely talented!!!!!

  2. You've displayed some beautiful cards from three talented ladies!!

  3. oh my god! Totally floored by double love!!! If there is anything beyond cloud nine, I am on that! :D Thank you Laura, you are such a sweetheart and such an amazing papercrafter.

  4. Oh.. you make me second crying the end day of 2015!!! I was touched by your posting! Thank you Laura!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh!!!^----^
    Thank you so much Laura!!


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