Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Altenew March Challenge: From Places Abroad-France

WOW!! my order from Altenew arrived SUPER fast! I'm so glad it did because I've had this idea floating around in my head and I was anxious to see if it would work out.
I used the new Crisp Ink Blush and the BIRCH LAND stamp set, designed by MARIKA, to created a woods-y Background. It turned out beautifully! The small branches/limbs in the set add extra realism to the tree trunks and makes the BG more interesting.

This card is a  reflection of Cherry and Apple Blossoms I have in my memories of time spent in Paris, over 27 years ago.   It was a Gloriously beautiful Spring that year!
Altenew Stamp sets used:
Birch Land
Botanical Garden
Wild Hibiscus

I made it a shaker with my favorite PPP sequins...SWEETPEA mix:)

I encourage you to stop by the gallery for the Altenew March Challenge: From Places Abroad-France, it is full of INCREDIBLE projects with a French flare!
Thanks for stopping here!

Altenew is also having a card drive celebrating Parents


  1. This is beautiful LauraJane and I LOVE seeing the Sweet Pea sequins!!

  2. OMG!! I love love this card! so pretty!!

  3. beautiful card... really love the way you used the birch tree image to create your background!

  4. Awesome card. Looking at the card I feel like I am in France.

  5. I would never have thought to stamp out the background like you have, it looks incredible! What a fabulous card LauraJane!

  6. I'm with Therese!! WOW!! Seriously, I looked at your card like for minutes and I was actually aweing (is that a word) your background and thinking what you used in it! So so beautiful, LauraJane!! Thanks for using my set.


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