Monday, August 8, 2016

Just a glimpse

Hello! Welcome to Monday:))
After yesterday's post I received a question about the Tins that my inks are stored in. So I thought I could share just a glimpse of my craft, my favorite room in my home:)) It's Pinterest inspired, eclectic at best... and I LOVE IT!

Do you spy the young boy diligently writing???  This room also happens to be what we call the "schoolroom" because it's the room that the school books, maps and mamma's toys live in. The kids can do their work while I "play/create". It's a WIN-WIN:))

This is the marker/brush/small cubed ink area:) I do share my toys with the kiddos.
 My small ink cubes are in those handy tins right above the three drawers, I have the tins labeled by color and company; according to the washi tape. 
Distress inks: Solid line
PTI inks: Striped
Altenew inks:Floral

 Twelve cubes fit inside a tin very cozily.
Just like chocolate bon-bons:))

Now for a peek of a in progress, going on my IG stream today.
Jennifer Mcguire is continuing her KINDNESS campaign and is collaborating with HoneyBee Stamps. My project has a new Word die and uses several sentiment builder sets for a fun mixed media card.

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(Blogging is not my favorite. Typing in NOT my friend. Just sayin')

Thanks for stopping by!!
If you have any questions feel free to ask. I DO enjoy hearing from you:))




  1. Look at all those pretty writing instruments! It's so neat that your room plays dual roles. I love seeing the spaces where everyone crafts.

  2. No wonder it is the most popular room in the house! : ) What a bright and happy place! Thank you for sharing : )

    I have a question. Every since I got my Ziggys I have been looking for some cubes likt that to store them in! Do you recall where you got your marker cubes from?

    SWEET card! and what a true sentiment!


    1. Hi Patti!
      Those plastic cubes are from Amazon...just ordered several more. There are expensive ones, SPARCO 6x6x6 and cheaper DEFLECTO "off brands" almost 50% less. I first bought one of each expensive/cheap to compare. Got more of the cheaper:) and just ordered more with various drawers too. I see now the prices are not as good..keep an eye on them, they will come down again.

  3. What a wonderful space for you and your kiddos to share. I'll bet there are many fun conversations and memories created in that room. I like you pretty banner hanging over the window. Thanks so much for sharing your space (and that cute little fella hard at work) with us!! Lovely card too ;)

  4. Your craft room is super fabulous!! Could I join you?! ;) No wonder it is the best room in your home- so happy and fun place to be! Cool that kids have their time here too..! :)

  5. Looks like such a fun place to create!


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