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A masculine card @ The Ton


I'm at The Ton today sharing a Masculine card, which happens to have been made for my Dear Husband:)) The love of my life and I are growing old together...(we met when we were babes in the church nursery) What a Blessing is has been to watch his crown of glory grow in! We eagerly anticipate the future, living each day together.
Here is a SNEAK PEAK of my card:

Thanks for stopping by! See you over at The TON:))



Jeanne said...

What an encouring testimonial, LauraJane. I wish you and your hubby a long and happy life together. I popped over and saw the full card. You did a great job following your son's advice! Great looking card! :)

Patti said...

Really!?! you were actually babies in the nursery together or you were young nursery workers - same difference kind of but so awesome! that you are enjoying your lives together in Jesus!!


LauraJane:) said...

Yes we ARE enjoying our lives together in Jesus! and to clarify, WE were babes in the arms of our mothers when we first met in the church nursery... ended up being in the same 2nd grade class in school...he told me he loved me way back then, only kept it to himself until he proposed to marry me when he was 16. We call it the "Master Plan"...realizing now it is The Master's Plan:)) Seeing HIS good works every day! It's been a joy filled life!