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Altenew LOVE video contest

I'm offering this video for the ALTENEW LOVE challenge.
I have GREAT respect for all the crafters/cardmakers/coloring artist out there making and sharing videos for us to learn from! A simple 1 minute video took all afternoon for me/us to edit and upload...I'm a slow learner....However, we DID learn:))))
It was a group effort, as my 12 yo daughter, Emma, helped with the editing...she knows more about movie-maker than I do:))
Here you go...ENJOY:)

Thanks for watching!!



Lisa Elton said...

Very cute and good for you!! Bravo to Emma ;)

HJ said...

Good job. We all have to start somewhere and I wouldn't even know where to begin. We'll look forward to more of your creative work.

clelie said...

I look forward to seeing your projects in future productions, Laura Jane! Have enjoyed your cards! Great job, Emma!

Patti said...

Awesome!! Excellent job!! You are very brave. I don't think I could do it. Maybe I need to borrow Emma ; )