Monday, September 12, 2016

My first "talkies" video:))

Hello and Happy Monday! 

I trust your weekend was blessed with sunshine and laughter? Mine was spent celebrating the 75th Birthday of my FIL....that cake card from my last post was intended for him, but others in my family thought the black cake too morbid...I said, it's chocolate!! they said, it seemed a bit too feminine, I had to agree., so in the end we gave the Paterfamilias the  watercolored birdhouses card. He was pleased with it and the gathering was a blessed time of family fellowship and fun.. we played balloon volleyball, only without sitting on the chairs..we like to be sitting on the floor to play, so no one falls and gets hurt!

Any way, I'm feeling quit chatty today as I'm releasing/publishing my first "talking" video:) Singing in the Rain..I was afraid that my speaking voice might not be pleasing to the ear and come across forced, or just not me, but my DH gave a thumbs up to the finished voice-over. So I moved forward with the project thanks to  the editing help of  DD Emma, who is 12. And DS Benjamin, who is 14, who mastered the sound editing. 
So it has been a family affair!
The quality of the video turned out darker and not the HD look I was going for, but we may work on fixing that in the future videos, if YOU all like what you see and hear!

 Several of my followers asked to see me coloring, so I turned the camera on last Monday and attempted to recreate this card using the Altenew Lotus stamp again..
Two hours of coloring later,
I ended up with 

Who has two hours to watch someone else color? so trimming it down was a bit of a challenge:)) it is only 28 minute now. HA! Please feel free to watch it in 2x the speed.. which will make it only 15 minutes long. even then it seems too long for me. Like this post:))
I have GREAT respect for those who make videos on a regular is tough and time consuming! Yet I DID enjoy it. We learned much, and have MUCH to learn still:))
I'm stalling I know...
Hope you like it..and learn something new too:))

Have a blessed day,



  1. Thanks for filming this, Laura Jane! I enjoyed watching you share your talent. What beautiful water lilies and the reflection is amazing! I've toyed with the idea of doing videos once I get my craft room done, but I would be heavily relying on my kids (also 12 and 14) to help me figure it out!

  2. I can't wait to see your video!! I have been so busy I have not gotten to it yet but I promise I WILL!!!!! : )


  3. That was a lot of work to create that video!! Awesome tutorial, LauraJane! Your attentions to details are clearly to see in this video! BRAVO (thumbs-up from me and a new subscriber here)!!

  4. Wow! what a great tutorial video. First it just felt so fun to hear your voice which made you that much closer feeling. You sounded so comfortable and calm. Thank you for sharing your stunning card!!

    I have never tried applying the Zigs dry without adding water!! I can't wait to give it a try. Your color selections are stunning and your coloring skills... well! I'm bowing! Loved the whole video!! thanks so much for sharing : )



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