Sunday, July 5, 2015

Freestyle Summer Anemones from Wplus9

Good Sunday to ya! Hope your weekend has been relaxing:)
I had a chance to play with  Watercolored Anemones from Wplus 9.  The color combo is from
Here is my freestyle quick stamping with the Anemones set as well as a few tiny stamps from More Fresh Cuts and Pretty Little Peonies.
I enjoyed how easy the flowers came together without much fuss of getting the stamp layers exact!
Like DAWN says in many of her watercolor videos, the brain will fill in the details with just a hint of a flower shape:)

Linking up to the PURE COLOR challenge here.

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  1. What a lovely summer card, Laura Jane!

  2. Wow, this is BEAUTIFUL!! Love your stamping! It almost looks like a lovely climbing vine flower! And the touch of stripes on the side is perfect!

  3. This is beautiful LauraJane! I like the fresh summery colors and the stripe border!

  4. this is stunning...i have been debating whether to get this set. Love what you did with the color choices.

  5. Fabulous - just love the colour combination too!

  6. And Dawn is always right! :D This card is like a warm, summery breeze from Anne of Avonlea. One of my favourite books from childhood.

  7. holy moly! what a BEEEEEEEEEAUTY!!!


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